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ACRODYNE® is a leading Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Representative, specializing in bulk material handling and process equipment for the Rocky Mountain Region. 

For more than 40 years, we have been your direct source for material handling equipment to reduce, cool, crush, clean, screen, dry, convey, feed, separate, mix, store, spray and more!

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We serve a wide range of industries, and we value every one of our customer relationships. With ever-changing options for your material handling needs, you need someone on your side.  Each of our customers benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.

Solving your most difficult material handling challenges

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Our firm is leading the way in providing bulk material handling solutions for our customers in industries as diverse as minerals, food, plastics, recycling, bio fuels, oil & gas, chemicals, agriculture and more.

manufacturer spotlight

BETE makes over 20,000 different spray nozzles.  Over 60% of the spray nozzle designs shipped are customized to solve the stringent needs of customers' spraying system challenges.  The BETE Difference is the unparalleled ability to respond quickly and effectively to any kind of spraying challenge.  Virtually every business uses spray nozzles, and for virtually every spray nozzle application the first choice is BETE.  See more about BETE on our Manufacturers page.